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  1. About our Terms

1.1. We are Media Group International (“we”, “us”, or “our”), a limited company registered in England and Wales and our business address is The News Building London Bridge Street London SE1 9SG, United Kingdom. Our company number is 09210182. If you need any of our other tax ID numbers please contact Customer Care.

1.2. These Terms and Conditions apply whenever you :

  • use, mobile and online digital apps and services (together “MGI Digital”) and access the content and services available on them including the Media Group International magazine (the “MGI Magazine”) (together, the “MGI Content”); and
  • purchase access to MGI Digital, the MGI Magazine and/or the MGI Content (together, the “MGI Services”) on a subscription basis.

1.3. You should read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using MGI Digital and/or MGI Content or subscribing to the MGI Services. By accessing, using or subscribing to any of the above, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (as applicable) and the documents referred to in them.

1.4. If you access MGI Digital under an organisation’s subscription agreement, then your access is primarily governed by the subscription agreement between us and that organisation. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the organisation’s subscription agreement (as applicable), the terms of the organisation’s subscription agreement shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency only. If you have any questions about the MGI Services or if you have any difficulties using MGI Digital, please chat with us online, call us on your regional telephone number, or email us at

2. Your Subscription to the MGI Services

Subscribing to the Media Group International

2.1. We offer a range of subscriptions:- 
  • to MGI Digital (“Digital Subscriptions”);
  • the MGI Magazine (“Print Subscriptions”),
  • to both MGI Digital and the MGI Magazine (“Bundled Subscriptions”); and 
  • we also offer subscriptions on a trial basis (“Trial Subscriptions”)

The above are referred together as “the Subscriptions” and individually as a “Subscription”. Please note that separate and/or additional terms and conditions may apply to any Trial Subscriptions that we may offer. Any such additional terms shall be clearly indicated. 

2.2. You may not take more than one Trial Subscription in any twelve-month period.  We may cancel any Trial Subscription that you may have purchased, without refund, if you have had access to any other Trial Subscription in the previous twelve months.

2.3. You may purchase a Subscription by submitting an order and providing the sign up details on MGI Digital, by phone, email, using our Live Chat on MGI Digital or by letter. We will only accept your order when we have successfully verified your email address, processed your payment details and emailed you to confirm this.

2.4. We will try to process your Subscription order promptly but cannot guarantee activation by any specified time. We may reject any Subscription order in our discretion. You confirm that your sign up and payment details are complete and accurate, and that you are entitled to purchase a Subscription using those sign up and payment details.  It is your responsibility to update and maintain changes to your sign up details on our Manage Your Account. Each Subscription is for a single user only. We may cancel or suspend your Subscription account if you share your access rights with any third parties, or attempt to allow third parties to avoid our control of access to MGI Digital. 

Fees and Payment
2.5. You agree to pay the Subscription fees at the rates and in the currency displayed during the Subscription process.  Prices may vary from time to time and by country, and Subscriptions may be available on a one-off, monthly, annual or other basis.  Discount offers are as stated at the time you subscribe and cannot be changed during the term of your subscription. Unless otherwise indicated, prices stated are inclusive of any applicable value added tax (VAT) or other sales taxes. The breakdown of any VAT will be indicated on the relevant invoice.

2.6. If we do not receive payment authorisation or any authorisation is subsequently cancelled, we may immediately terminate or suspend your Subscription. 

2.7. If you take a Trial Subscription, we will inform you of the full Subscription price payable at the start of the trial period. Your Subscription will renew automatically at the end of that trial period at the full Subscription price unless you cancel your Subscription before the end of the trial period. To cancel your Subscription during the trial period please go to Manage Your Account and follow the simple cancellation instructions.

2.8. We will give you at least 14 days’ notice of any increase in the price of your Subscription, which will take effect at your next renewal date.

2.9. If we incorrectly state a price online or otherwise, we are not obliged to provide you with a Subscription at that price, even if we have mistakenly accepted your offer to buy a Subscription.  If we notify you of a pricing error, you may cancel the Subscription and we will refund you any money paid, or you may pay the correct price. If you do neither, we may cancel your Subscription and refund any money you have paid. We will always act in good faith in determining whether a genuine pricing error has occurred.

2.10. If you are entitled to a refund we will credit that refund to the card or other payment method you used to submit payment, unless it has expired in which case we will contact you to arrange.

2.11. In addition to the Subscription fees you are responsible for paying for any:

  • broadband, mobile, data, messaging or other internet connection and telecommunications charges that you may incur by accessing MGI Content; 
  • charges that may be levied by your bank or credit card issuer (for example foreign transaction fees on transactions which take place abroad or in a foreign currency).

2.12. We will do all that we reasonably can to ensure that all of the information you give us when paying is secure by using an encrypted secure payment mechanism. However, in the absence of negligence on our part, any failure by us to comply with this contract or our Privacy Policy or breach by us of our duties under applicable laws, we will not be legally responsible to you for any loss that you may suffer if a third party gains unauthorised access to any information that you give us.

Home Delivery
2.13. We will deliver your MGI Magazine from Monday through to Saturday to the address you provided during the sign-up process if it is within our delivery areas. We do not guarantee delivery to non-secure locations or beyond ground floor levels.  Any special delivery requests may be printed on your MGI Magazine and seen by third parties, and we cannot guarantee that these requests will be fulfilled.

2.14. We aim to commence delivery of your MGI Magazine within 2 business days (UK), 7-10 business days (Eurozone) or 10-12 business days (United States) of your Subscription commencing.  Delivery times for other regions will be confirmed separately. 

2.15. If you do not receive your MGI Magazine on the expected delivery date, please contact us within 7 days and we may arrange an extension or credit for that delivery (excluding Trial Subscriptions).

2.16. If you wish to change your address for home delivery then please contact us at least 10 days’ before the date on which you wish your change of address to take effect. If we are not able to provide you with a home delivery service to your new address then:

  • If you have a Print Subscription we will cancel your Subscription and issue a pro rata refund for the unexpired period of your Subscription; and 
  • If you have a Bundled Subscription we will cancel your Subscription, issue a pro rata refund for the unexpired period of your Subscription and, at your option, transfer you onto a new Digital Subscription.

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